Spoil your Pets on World Animal Day in an eco-friendly way


Happy World Animal Day! Being good to your pet is such a rewarding thing. Seeing your pet do well and be happy is fun on every day of the year. No matter if you have a dog, cat, fish, snake, rabbit or spider: a pet deserves your best care. And World Animal Day makes it tempting to go the extra mile and really spoil your little friend. I’d like to give you some tips on how to do just that. Spoil your pet, but in an eco-friendly way.

Food and treats

Feed your pet healthy foods. Of course, you already checked what food sources are best for the species you keep. To do something extra, you could check the ingredients of your pets food. You could switch from highly chemical ingredients to all natural foods or even organic. If those foods are too expensive for your taste, you could make your own pet food and pet treats. There are many recipes to be found online. Or buy in bulk. It’s cheaper in bulk and it saves a lot of packaging. Using your search engine will show you many brands of healthy pet supplies.

After your pet is well-fed and all happy, check if you can reuse or recycle the packages. Throw away as little as you have to. If you buy in bulk, get yourself a reusable container to keep the food safe and dry. And carry a washable reusable water bottle with you when you’re traveling with your pet. No need for all those plastic disposable bottles.

Don’t drive to walk

Walk your dog in your own neighborhood. Find parks or green areas nearby and cut back on your driving. If you don’t have some woodland or park close to home, you might have to take the car to take your dog for a good walk. I get that. But why not team up with other dog owners in your neighborhood? Car pool together, make it a play date for your dogs and get to know your neighbors better in the process.

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During the fun walk in the park, don’t forget to pick up your dogs poop. Instead of using plastic bags to do that, try paper bags. Those are much less damaging for the environment. You could use pets poop for composting as well. Not just from dogs, but from other pets as well. Just make sure you only use the compost for your flower garden. Do not use it on vegetables, herbs or other plants you plan to eat, because the bacteria in your pets poop may be harmful in food. It can do wonders for the rest of your garden though. Just like the water from your fish tank. As long as it’s not a salt water tank, of course. But sweet water from your fish tank is great for watering your garden.

Toys and gear

These are the most fun, aren’t they? So many great, fun, cute, handy and beautiful product out there to really spoil your pet. From fish tanks to dog collars to pet carriers. From cat beds to bunny houses to squeak toys. The choices are endless. Many of those choices are eco-friendly ones. You can choose all natural or recycled materials. Some are even made from plant based materials.


It’s easy to get carried away when buying toys and accessories for our pets. Try to buy less. It’s better for the planet if we consume less of its resources. And don’t throw away the old stuff too soon either. As long as it’s still usable and not broken, you can donate it to local animal shelters. They can really use the toys, old blankets and other pet products that you and your pet no longer want or need.


We love them, but they can be messy, right?! Keeping your pets neat and clean and looking good is important. And it’s easy to make the grooming more eco-friendly. You can stop using paper towels. Replace them with old cotton ones that you can wash and use over and over. Switch to all natural cleaning products or make your own. Recipes that fit your pets specific need can easily be found online.

When you need to get rid of fleas or ticks and can’t manage manually anymore, but need to go chemical: check the label on the medicine bottle. Pick one that will do the least harm to your pet. Do some online research first if you need to know more about less aggressive medicine.

Happy pet, happy planet

If you look at the way you treat your pet and the things you buy for it, switch on your eco-friendly mind. Your pets can be included in an eco-friendly lifestyle. I think it’s cool to be good to the planet and all that lives on it, while being good to your pets. If you have plans to celebrate World Animal Day in an eco-friendly way, let me know in the comments. I love to hear about the fun you have with your pet. Happy World Animal Day!

I'm a green hearted lover of eco-friendly life. I'm on a journey to a life with less waste. Ultimately that would be zero waste, but I'm no where near that yet. Goal: to use time, money and belongings wisely and with care. Owner of Wasteless Planet.

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